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Things We Need:



  1. We need your passwords for your computer account and any software that you need us to service.

  2. We need the charger for your device if it is a Laptop Computer, Cell Phone, or Xbox360 (all cables + 1 Game DVD for Xbox360).

  3. We need to know exactly what data you wish to keep and where it is located on your device. If we do not receive a list from you with the description and the exact location of all data that you need, we would assume that no data is to be saved from your device.

  4. Absolutely No Carry-Bags, Cables, Keyboard, Mouse, or Monitor for Desktop Computers, unless we tell you that we need them.


Diagnosis & Repair:


          Reket Networks, LLC may decide to waive the $65 diagnostic fee, which is due prior to leaving your device for diagnosis, only if after you are made aware of the problem and the estimate costs to fix it, you decide that Reket Networks, LLC will perform the repair. The average time for computer problem diagnosis and repair varies between 1-7 days (not including the order of parts, weekends, or holidays) depending on our work volume, but we will always try to have a 3-4 day turn-around time. For those customers who have been told that Reket Networks, LLC has given a 30-Day warranty on the major part(s) in case of a part failure, we will return the problem part to our supplier and request a replacement. While there will be no additional charge for the replacement part, there will be an additional service charge, plus shipping and handling charge, in our effort to better serve you with the exchange of the part. Every effort will be made to keep your repair costs fair and reasonable. The time for part exchange is beyond our reasonable control. The cost of any Express Service is Double our regular rates.


 Abandoned Items:


          Due to the limited space and property liability issues, Reket Networks, LLC CANNOT hold your device forever. If Reket Networks, LLC does not hear from you (via e-mail, phone or fax) for a period of more then 30 days we will assume you have abandoned your equipment and unpaid repair with us. Unless prior arrangements are made, any item left for repair that is not picked up and paid for within 30 days of completion of said repair will be considered abandoned. Reket Networks, LLC makes every effort to contact customers via phone, voice mail messages, answering machine messages and email. No return contact by the customer on an abandoned item after 30 days, hard drive (if applicable) will be destroyed, the item will be recycled by our waste recycler, OR "parted out" for parts. Prior to any further future transactions Reket Networks, LLC you will be required to remit in full any previous amounts due plus provide pre-payment for any further services.


Virus Protection & Security:


          Customer is responsible for checking, and updating definitions to antivirus software and applying security patches to the operating system after the service completion date of repair on the computer. Keeping security software updated will HELP, but not 100% guarantee your computer free of viruses! That depends a lot on the websites that you visit.


Signed Data Backup Waiver Prior To Any Type Of Repair:


          Reket Networks, LLC is NOT responsible for any loss or corruption of your data, or any confidential or personal information saved on your device. Before you bring your device for any service, you should make a back-up copy of your data and remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information from it.


Methods of Payment:


          Cash, Credit Card, PayPal. Unless prior arrangements are made, payment is due on receipt of invoice or work completion. A minimum of 50% deposit on ANY hardware component related parts needed to repair or upgrade your device and estimated labor charge is required prior to ordering the part(s).

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