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Computer Services & Repair / Web design / Custom Software Development / Private Tutoring
Home Visits

     Absecon Island - $165 (Includes up to 1 Hour of service). Time after the first hour is billed at $125/Hr (discounts available for regular customers and special cases).

Windows / Apple Operating System Installation

     Your Windows or Apple device is giving you a lot of trouble? We can install a new operating system and all the necessary components and drivers to make your computer work like brand new! 

Assistance With Computer Purchase

     Assistance in buying a new, or an used computer. If you want to buy a computer, but you are not sure what exactly will fit your needs and you don’t want to spend excessive amounts for features that you are not going to use, our consultation services are the right choice for you. We will discuss your needs and we’ll find the exact type of computer for you. We will come with you to the computer store or we will help you with the online purchase. We will make sure that you will not spend a penny more than what you should. 

Home Network Security Setup

     You have your home network up and runnig, but is it protected from intruders? We will make sure that nobody is using your Internet for free and slowing down your browsing and downloading speed! 

Laptop LCD Screen Repair / Replacement

     Cracked / broken screen, colored lines covering the screen, white (fading) screen, or backlight doesn't work? We can help! 

Internet Problems

     No internet? We will find the problem and have you back online ASAP! 

Spyware / Virus Removal

     Time to clean up? $125 flat rate virus removal and PC performance optimization. (Also consider our Fresh Start Special, which will make your system run like new! $165).

Memory Upgrade

     Your computer can't handle all programs that you open? Let us handle the upgrade! 

Windows Tune-up / Optimization

     We will optimize you Windows operating system and we will make it run like a quaterback! We’ll clean up your registry keys and remove all unnecesary time consuming little applications, temporary files and any malware / spyware that make your computer run so slow. We will also defragment and check your hard drive for errors. 

Wireless Network Setup

     Are you tired of cables running around your house? Go WIRELESS! We will design, implement and setup your own wireless network, and we will make sure that your information is safely encrypted, so no one can access your data. 

Computer Check-up

     It is like going to the doctor every now and then to avoid the complications if the problems are found early. 

Home Network Setup

     It’s time to connect all your desktops, laptops, printers, and scanners into a network, so you don’t have to run downstairs everytime you want to print something, or you want to exchange files with someone else in your house. 

Computer to Computer Data Transfer

     Just bought a new computer and you want to transfer all files from your old PC to it? Or maybe you just need a copy of all your vital information on another hard drive? 

Hardware Installation / Removal

     You need to install or replace a DVD, Hard Drive, System Memory, Processor, or other hardware on your computer? We will provide you with professional installation and excellent service! 

Software Installation / Removal*

     You have problems installing your new software or removing an existing one? Let us try it. 

Firewall/Antivirus Configuration*

     Setting up your personal firewall and antivirus software. 

Private Tutoring / Computer Training

   You just got a new device and you need some help setting it up or using it?  Or is it time to learn new software product? You can go far with a little help from us! 

Web Design, Development, Consulting

     Need a professional to design and build your website, or to work on your current website? 

Web Hosting / Maintenance

     Need a reliable home or business web hosting or website maintenance? Prices start at $10/Month.

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