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Vertex Design Studio is Our Partner in 3D Design and Architecture

Reket Networks and its partner Vertex Design Studio provide computer aided solutions for
3d modeling, architectural rendering, cad conversion, photo real 3d Rendering, Product Design renderings, 3d graphics, 3d design, architectural & interiors design services, walkthrough animation at one of the most competitive prices in the United States. We produce innovative and custom architectural presentations for construction and design industries to communicate their vision clearly to clients and investors. Our long experience and technical knowledge makes it possible to keep price low. We give our clients the benefit of foresight by using new technologies to clearly and efficiently communicate often complex project to a wider audience. Reket Networks provides hyper realistic architectural rendering / illustration and graphics presentations to facilitate common understanding of solutions before committing valuable resources to a project. As a professional firm we are committed to provide you with the best in this field. Almost every member of our design team has a degree in either design or architecture, so we are all able to understand your demands better. We have learned from our experience to work around the clock to meet the deadlines which both sides have agreed on. The years that we have worked in the business of architecture or interior design made us understand that if a project is not done in time, it may worth nothing. Our top quality services and competitive prices have convinced many European clients to work with us. We are confident that we will gain your trust and together we will find a perfect solution for your business!

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